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Gaetano Besana, by photographer farmer in a green oasis Brianza

Written by CinziaTosini

What drives us to get closer to the earth?

We run and we live in constant search of targets without realizing that the primary need is to rediscover the harmony of being in contact with nature. A real power-generating releasing vital energy, and that allows us to really grow and see us grow in peace.

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in exploring new lands, but in having new eyes”.  Marcel Proust

I met Gaetano Besana time poco fa, in a spring afternoon.

Knowing my taste on the environment for a long time I had suggested a visit to the place which he had founded. Upon my arrival, the gaze is lost in the beautiful scenery of the hills of Brianza, not far from home, but far enough because the environment becomes.

Gaetano Besana, of photographer fashion in a world of windows to the world of peasant land. What prompted him to stop on the hills of Brianza? The answer is simple, the same for many. The peace that you forward the land with its natural cycles and with his silence, only answer to the real life, what we try hard in the materiality, source of happiness virtual, of fast consumption, and short stay in the soul and memory.

Gaetano, after inheriting a piece of land from his father, in 1998 decides to purchase land with an abandoned village near the Montevecchia Regional Park and Curone Valley.

After thirteen years dedicated to the renovation was born an oasis of biodiversity, l 'Oasis of the White Galbraith a Rovagnate, in the province of Lecco.

A Sustainable farming village affiliated to the system of Oasis WWF.  Twenty hectares of woods and terraced hillsides where they grow vegetables and lots of fruits native.

One hundred and twenty varieties of apples, sixty pear, thirty figs, winds of prunes, sixty tomatoes, that are processed and turned into jams and preserves directly in the agricultural complex.

Upon completion of this green tavern and an inn in natural cooking, and in addition a house with eleven rooms themes from rural taste. Each decorated in a unique way, some with old family furniture, and other objects from various countries around the world who visited Gaetano.

One in particular struck me, that of hay, easy to understand why, need only look at the pictures ...

The implementation of the recovery projectOasis of biodiversity Galbraith White was recognized at the BIT – International Tourism Exchange the 15 February in Milan; that the scope of the first edition of Green Travel Awards Premio GIST for the excellence of sustainable and responsible tourism

The Italian Tourist Press Group, following the guidelines of the European charter for sustainable and responsible tourism, has rewarded the efforts made in this direction for the category Farms.

As I listened to the story of the life of Gaetano I happily enjoyed the peace of the place, but not only. In addition to savor an organic fruit sorbet, I tasted the liquor Spirea of its production.

For those who do not know, Spirea is a flower from the anti-inflammatory properties used in herbal medicine for joint pain and the flu.

"The Oasis of biodiversity Galbraith White, a lifestyle in harmony with nature that leads people to rediscover their roots,  because the Earth takes care of the man who takes care of the earth " Gaetano Besana

Gaetano Besana



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I think we can save the Earth, if we can save her.

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