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Valeria Terranea, a young woman torn between the passion for agriculture and a call center

Written by CinziaTosini

You know the sheep brianzola?

Valeria Terranea, a young woman committed to the family farm in Seveso, in the province of Monza and Brianza. Diploma in Agricultural, is passionately dedicated to agriculture and to 'breeding. Despite the commitment and the desire to do, the means at its disposal are not yet sufficient to devote himself completely to his animal that looks after getting up every morning at dawn. His day indeed, is punctuated by the trilling of a call center that allows it to support themselves financially.

There are many young people who follow the family traditions are switching to agriculture. A choice that I understand and agree, and pushing despite the difficulties, to move forward towards a future increasingly agricultural and environmentally sustainable.

The farm raises horses Terraneo, poultry and sheep Brianza, a breed endangered. By choice no head is slaughtered. The main activity that allows them the partial recovery of costs, consists of the cultivation of grain and hay in the wasteland surrounding municipalities.

Valeria Terranea

During my visit, after I dedicated with greetings and petting the animals on, I spoke at length with Valeria on the importance of the beneficial effects that this has on the natural contact persons. For this reason, and much more, the agricultural culture should be promoted and supported in all its forms.

Pass the word to her ...

  • Valeria, with your family, you lead this agricultural reality that your grandparents have initiated many years ago. Tell me a bit 'of your story?

Everything starts from the beginning of '900, when Baruccana, small fraction of Seveso, was an agricultural country where all households owned a barn and a farmhouse with plots of land attached. The animals that were bred was mostly for work; oxen and horses to farm fields. In those days the tractors were still an unknown. Over the years that passion has been handed down from generation to generation through the ages, obviously with different purposes from those of then. To date we breed with love these extraordinary animals. Unfortunately this geographical area in which we live is not the best for crops, especially for the lack of agricultural land. Add that the passion is not only directed to the animals, but also to agricultural vehicles historians who preserved with care and that we use for exhibitions, events and fairs livestock.

  • Among the animals that breed there sheep brianzola, a breed endangered species to be protected. I describes the characteristics?

It is a race that in recent years, thanks to the efforts of many breeders, you are repopulating. Its features are brianzola Sheep robustness, and then the resulting adaptability to any type of soil or climate condition. Moreover rusticity, that is, the resistance to diseases, means that the food needs and life are not particularly difficult. The size is medium-large, In fact, adult males reach up 90-100 kg, unlike females, reaching the maximum weight of 80 kg.

They are very prolific and precocious subjects that are bred for the production of meat and wool (there is a chain of the wool that is used to produce garments of the pastoral tradition of Lombardy). The main area of ​​breeding are the provinces of Lecco, Como and Monza.

  • As I wrote earlier, it is known that the contact with the animals welfare generates bringing people to the natural rhythms. Create a suitable environment in which to live for a few hours this contact, could be a valuable aid in cases of depression and mental illness. Do you think you can achieve a similar program by you ?

With respect to this statement I think it can be a good start to build "something" socially useful here too, seen that already exist at the national and international associations of many pet therapy.

  • Valeria, it is known how much I love the nature and the agricultural world. My childhood memories in the country have great influence on the choices of my life. For this reason I believe that a rapprochement in this important sector, through educational and cultural itineraries, is of great importance in the education of children. Your company is planning initiatives in this direction?

It is definitely in the project. For the coming years we expect it to open a petting zoo and the organization of some events dedicated to children, schoolchildren and their families.

  • Now we talk of agricultural events. In the coming months, in Seveso, will take place "Seveso blooming". A demonstration farm in organizational phase that you see between the coordinators. As you said, in addition to your collection of historic tractors, there will be important producers of the territory. What are the requirements to participate and any way to apply?

The event will be exactly the 18 and the 19 April and will take place in the prestigious'Forest of oaks’. There will be the presence of nurserymen, productions of farms, and educational farms. The requirements to participate are minimal: be producers or processors of agricultural raw materials, or be educational farms or producers of flowers and plants. The enrollment will soon be published on the official website.

For info contact Valeria Terraneo
Cell. 340 5263379

Farm Terraneo

Farm Terraneo



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