“The desperation of the people of the south does do wonders”. I present Peppino Montanaro.

Written by CinziaTosini

For some years the destiny often leads me to Taranto, a city that knew how many, especially for the known events linked to pollution. Why interested in and write about a land that some have called not my? The answer is simple: because they are Italian, and as such I believe. I am fortunate to live in one of the countries among the most beautiful in the world. A nation with a rich cultural heritage, food and wine, and an area that boasts the highest biodiversity among the countries of the old continent.

A coastline of over 7.000 km. A forest area of ​​more than 10 million hectares with 12 million trees, one third of the land area. Thanks to the variety of habitats and dell'aree weather we have over 55.600 animal species. We are a nation with 17 million hectares devoted to agriculture, an industry that generates quality products at the Made in Italy guarantee. (Source State Forestry – data 2014). Investing on fishing, agriculture and tourism, is the only possible way.

My conversation with Peppino MontanaroThese are the thoughts that I did with Joseph Montanaro during our meeting. It, after listening to me, by careful person what is, I replied: “You know Cynthia, desperation of the men of the south does do wonders“.

Maybe we need miracles, o forse, above all, we need people who believe in the territory and where you can go back to believing. L’Italia, Whether we like it or not, is made by the Italian, Players are we, The match is open. The important thing is that the institutions put us in a position to compete, and go back to being successful.

Joseph Montanaro, Peppino, è nato a Massafra l’11 novembre del 1940. An employee and a contractor marked by creativity. A man caring environment that has decided to invest with his company Kika Turismo e Cultura S.p.A.. (Kau, The first word spoken by his son Philip) agriculture and tourism. A concrete commitment visible in the recovery of architectural complexes rural location, such as the Grande Colonial Accept, The Cottage Mallet Canon,  Masseria L'Amastuola, Cottage and the Holy Cross.

With one hundred and sixty acres of land Amastuola transformed in Crispiano, in the Regional Park 'Land of the Ravines’ in the province of Taranto, agricultural land is no longer productive in a vineyard-garden. Waves of parallel rows of vines interspersed with islands in twenty-four thousand five hundred olive trees from well.

A project signed by the artist and landscape architect Fernando Caruncho, research in an area of ​​archaeological and historical interest under the supervision of the Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of Puglia, supported by the Centre for Archaeology of the VU University of Amsterdam. This research led to the publication of the book by Gert Jan Paul Crielaard 'Greeks and natives in the Amastuola'. The Region of Puglia, in 2010, awarded the realization of this project calling “Good Practice for the Protection and Development of the agricultural landscape, also for tourism”.

You may wonder how I came to him. The answer is simple, who accompanied me knows me and the kind of people I love to meet, and with which confront. Peppino Montanaro, with his experience and his experience, confirms my belief for the success of projects.

The family first. The wife Rosaria and her children Ilaria, Donato and Filippo, with their spouses Joseph, Anna Raffaella and were and are the real push that allowed him to go ahead. It’ that arises from them the strength to overcome the hard times. The family, for those lucky enough to have, by way of their work and offering allowing you to build a 'nest’ in the darkest hours.

Creativeness, inventive and tenacia. Before meeting, I listened to his son Joseph along while I was talking to a man from the South who, With Giuseppe Doors, son Peppino starts and activates the Companystarting their own business in 1984 Kikau with aluminum frames, at a distance of eleven years has transformed the company into a joint stock company with investments in targeted sectors in the territory. Some projects have been carried out, as for the Cantina Amastuola, and some are in progress after the acquisition of Masserias in the recovery phase. Program in tourist accommodation, promotion of the territory, editorial production, developing activities for the sale of handicrafts and agri-food.

Businesses are made by people. Essential element for the growth of a company is the quality of the relationship with its employees. Peppino was also discussed in this. Much more than employees, people to work together making the team for the achievement of good results. Alone is not going anywhere, together we build.

Innovation and respect for the environment. Adottare pratiche sostenibili a tutela di sé stessi e del territorio è prioritario. The technology and research are crucial to the quality, provided that they meet the natural characteristics of the products. This is the policy of Amastuola. One example is the use of the Scholander pressure chamber that, for the benefit of the grape, intervenes with irrigation only when needed and at the same time prevents waste. Following this line of thought always, is used a recycled glass bottle light, and a screw cap made of aluminum, RICICLA materials of 100%, with a special membrane within which ensures the proper micro-oxygenation of wine established by the Department of Food Science of Udine.

The sense of belonging. Believing in the territory and recognize part of it is essential to pass it on to those who visit. If I sincerely believe in something I can pass on my passion to share the enthusiasm. That day I heard.

At the end of our chat, before saying goodbye, I made a request to Peppino: I asked him to display the flag of Italian farm in plain sight. This to me, I believe in people working together for a real change, would be an important sign of belonging. Abroad, it is a custom, in Italy it is only during sports events. I know that many do not feel represented because they see in it the state institutional. Matter of point of view. To me, the flag represents the land and the people working Italian. I do not know if I will satisfy Peppino, for some promised me that we will think seriously.

I wrote about my meeting, as I usually do, as I have lived knowing the territory and the people. Peppino I felt particularly close to the sharing of thoughts and lifestyle. Today I feel closer to him and his family. A few days, after a long illness, his wife Rosaria let. She is part of his plans, and this will continue to live in those lands. –

Video by Sabrina Merolla, producer and host of GOOD WIND



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