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A beer please, but… craft thanks!

Written by CinziaTosini

The recipe : “Tiramisu to Beer”

I recently met through a mutual friend, Marco and Mario, an artisan furniture and a real estate agent, two brothers who have changed their way of life by diverting it to the world of beer.  Il loro progetto è quello di far conoscere birrifici artigianali e diffondere cultura birraia.

Given that what intrigued me a lot, I went to visit them in their beershop Al Frate brewer, e davanti a una birra mi sono fatta raccontare.

  • So ... how taken the "spark" that has transformed your life?

Siamo da sempre consumatori e amanti della buona birra. Spinti da uno spirito di cambiamento e dalla situazione economica attuale, we decided to turn our passion into work.

  • As a reputed beer culture in Italy?

Cynthia, We can only tell you that it is hard to speak of a true beer culture in Italy. One of the goals of our project is precisely to bring many people as possible to the world of beer.

  • What are the main differences between the beer and the craft beer industry?

The biggest difference between a beer and a craft industry, is that the latter have not undergone heat treatment and no filtration, keeps yeast "alive and well",  e quindi in continua fermentazione.

  • Si sente spesso parlare di birra “cruda”. A voi la parola…

For birra cruda means a non-pasteurized beer, not filtered and therefore free to express many beneficial properties for the body.

– The pasteurization is a heat treatment conducted at a sterilizing 60 ° C for about twenty minutes, employed by the industry to eliminate the beer every organism,  extending the duration and standardizing the taste.

– A beer is not filtered is a beer complements of vitamins, antioxidants and live yeast.

  • I'm discovering a real world of craft beer. Describe some of them that particularly impressed you?

In order not to hurt anyone, we will say that each craft brewery has its own story that deserves to be heard ... We will give everyone the right space.

  • His friends jokingly tease me because I love to use the glasses "right" for wine, per la birra, and not only ... I often see beer drinking from the bottle.  This habit can penalize the tasting?

First of all, each style of beer corresponds to its glass. As for the habit of drinking directly from the bottle, in addition to heavily penalize the tasting, ingests a lot of carbon dioxide causing the classic "brewer's belly".

  • Women and Beer… What is your opinion?

"Women and Beer" is a nice combination to grow, because too many women consider the beer a bitter drink. Cynthia, even though we know you love red beer ... do you remember the cherry beer that we made you taste?  A different enthusiast, aromas and flavors perfect for pairing with a tart cherry!

  • What do you propose for the present and for the future with your project?

The ideas ... so many projects also! For now spreading good beer culture, is our highest aspiration.  Things will come gradually.

  • Beer and food… Can you tell me a recipe?

Sure Cinzia! We know that you like tiramisu… but you've never tasted beer?

– Same as for the classic tiramisu,  the only difference is that you have to soak the ladyfingers well in the beer.

– When ready to serve and serve with a fresh mug of beer used in the same recipe. When the two meet in the mouth it tastes feel ... an explosion of taste!




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