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Il Gulash ungherese

Written by CinziaTosini

of Agostino Zampieri

Hello Cinzietta, I thought I'd send you a recipe that reminded me of my Venetian origins very close to your, since my parents are in the area of ​​Oderzo, a Treviso. Then, pensandoci bene, I decided to send you the recipe for a dish where the atmosphere reminds me of a trip I made recently in Budapest.

Budapest is a beautiful city divided in two by the Danube, ‘Buda and Pest '. A city rich in history, suggestive of bridges, the magnificent palaces, and thermal waters.

A people of great history, in the kitchen…



Ti parlerò del Gulash, and more precisely the Gulash ungherese, given that there are an infinite number of variants. Despite being an international recipe now, the final results are very different from each other. Among other ingredients, there is also the red wine that you like it, and this is an added value not just.

This dish of Budapest, full of aromas and spicy at the right point, it is a bit 'everywhere, such as paprika which is its basic ingredient. Among the memories, their photo, and the gift of this beautiful city, I also have a bottle of Tokaji Szamorodni Szraz (dry) waiting for the right opportunity to be open ...




For the vegetable broth to prepare in advance:

2 medium onions, 2 potatoes, 2 carrots, 2 celery stalks in 2 liters of water


For Goulash: 

500 gr beef chopped into chunks (best front cuts)

3 small onions

4 medium potatoes

½ cup of full-bodied red wine

200 grams of tomato pulp

1 tablespoon of sweet paprika

½ teaspoon hot paprika (at will)

4 tablespoons of olive oil

50 gr di burro

1 tablespoon of flour

Salt and pepper q.b.



Cut the onions into thin cubes and fry gently in oil and butter. Just take color add the floured meat into chunks, stirring constantly until it begins to brown. Add salt and pepper blend the wine making, then add the paprika, the tomato pulp, and any remaining flour. Continue stirring as needed by adding the hot broth. Cook over low heat for about two hours.  


Meanwhile, cook the potatoes, that, once warmed, They must be peeled and cut into small pieces. It will be added in the broth, along with the carrot, a few minutes before serving at the table.







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