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The wheels of life, shoemaker to restaurateur in a trullo in Martina Franca.

Written by CinziaTosini

Peppino is fond of saying… “Com dsc u cor toq”

Peppino, first shoemaker and then restaurateur. It all started in 1969 when, inheriting a trullo not far from the center of Martina Franca of Taranto, decided to take his wife with a catering business based on home-style cooking, typical of the area.

The 3 last June they celebrated fifty-six years of marriage. From this union three children were born, two of whom work with him actively in the local family, the 'Trattoria of the Wheels'.

I have known Giuseppe Ceci, Peppino, in a summer evening not too long ago. I have brought friends after a walk in the beautiful Martina Franca, elegant city with a rich history in the heart of Valle d'Itria. The Prof.. Piero Marino remembers it well:

“QVarious UI Scheduler e barocco " titled in June of '97 magazine 'Bell'Italia' about the old town of Martina Franca. It was the class of gentlemen who, in the second half of the eighteenth century, he decided to make his economic power visible by starting a process of restructuring and embellishing the old courtyard houses’ (small masseriole in country), which were the residences of the lords.

The country becomes, as if by magic, in an authentic museum widespread: portals Baroque and Rococo, embellished with scrolls and caryatids, Corinthian capitals and little satyrs, dot the streets of the town. Bellied and elegant wrought-iron balconies peep from the top of buildings. The interiors of the residences are decorated with frescoes in the halls for the reception, to amorous encounters, a small musical concerts.

It was time for dinner, and the desire to spend an evening in a local restaurant and rich history has made the choice fall on a Trattoria ones that I like, those with a capital T, those where the atmosphere is warm and welcoming…

With Peppino are entered immediately in tune. As I listened to his stories I watched the expression on his face typical of the men who lived with passion, between work and many sacrifices. Actually I missed something, but only because its close to talk in tarantino has not allowed me to understand everything.

That Peppino was a life of great passion for the land, for food, but also for the history. When he realized that my interests were similar to his, me 'literally taken by the hand' leading me to visit his museum. A rich collection of historical artifacts that have made me lose track of time until, called for dinner, I joined friends at the table. That night was really tiring for me to sit ...

Not only Angelo, his son, I spoke to him. I also did another Angel, in this case his nephew.

Cynthia, my uncle is a single man, a tireless worker lived in the name of sacrifice and respect for others. His sympathy is contagious. He is a humble man who transmits serenity, a good example for all of us. I remember a few summers ago , when, in the restaurant of his uncle Peppino was staged a wonderful show, as unexpected and sudden, one of the best memories of my life.

ERO to dinner, sitting at a table in front of the trullo with a couple of my musician friends Veneto. In the unique atmosphere, with the cicadas in the background and under a starry sky, we happily tasted all the good things that sweet aunt Graziella had prepared. My friends were excited and happy to have discovered the Puglia, both for cooking and for the art. All of a sudden they decided to give us something in return for. They asked for a guitar that we got in about a half an hour ... and here's the magic! They started playing giving life to an unexpected concert. We all sang at the table, and very slowly the other patrons approached us to form a single chorus of voices and applause.

Under that moon everything seemed surreal… We went on for hours, until late at night, because no one wanted to leave, no one wanted to break the enchantment that the music had created. It 'a precious memory that I lived in a magical place. My friends were the guitarist Marco Anzovino and the singer Marnit Calvi.

I also do not forget the evening passed them… Saying goodbye Peppino told me: “Cynthia, the rumaste cuntente?"My answer was a smile, decisis and whether!



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