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“The need to learn arises from doing. " Two beautiful stories of teaching and refreshment in Brianza.

Written by CinziaTosini

The In-Presa voucher ', educational cafeteria and pastry shop of the training school professional of the Social Cooperative of In-Presa; 'Tasty', educational restaurant of the Don Carlo Gnocchi Hotel Institute. Two beautiful realities of Carate Brianza.

A few weeks ago, always in the intent to settle in and to conoscere interesting realities dand the territory in which recently I live, I came across, and I must to admit surprisingly immersed, in an abandoned industrial area of ​​ben 50 thousand square meters located a short distance from the center of Carate Brianza: l 'ex Formenti, now the Taste District. I wrote 'immersed' because the atmosphere of that industrial architecture of the past, per me of great charm, in recent years as well as being subject to recovery, they welcomed and gave new ones you start various craft activities, and not only… (we will have time to investigate). Well, a pole that could not fail to attract my attention for the multiple types of offers productive: two breweries, two schools with annexed bar-pastry shop and restaurant, both of them didactic, a tavern, a production of chocolate and fruit juices, and so on yet.

in fact, after having paused on the orientation map placed in one of the entrances, I decided to start thereto my exploration starting with the visit of the two schools who train operators for the restaurant-tourism sector.

The In-Presa voucher ', educational cafeteria and pastry shop of the training school professional of the Social Cooperative of In-Presa. 

Gled by the principal of the school Chiara Frigeni, I listened to the beautiful story that gave rise to this project. A dream of aa donna, now become reality, who left a tangible mark for his work and for his educational and training method. A model developed over the years after foster care experiences with difficult children, that, passed an internship with artisans locals, have been inserted into the working world.

A training course based on attention to the individual, on welcoming a family, at work and then at school, designed by Emilia for astudents with severe school dropout who are unable to finish the three years of middle school, or with difficulty in entering the secondary education circuit due to situations of school dropout or personal hardships. A training that takes the form of various workshops technicians - including the gastronomic one - with an educational garden and with study groups that, in addition to teachers, they provide the support of a tutor. Internship and external internships are turnedi involving the entrepreneurs themselves, who in a certain sense rediscover the value of their art in an activity that you educate through work.

A growing educational proposal that currently account two hundred and eighty students applied to multiple training courses. Per the food and wine sector, to me dear, led to the creation of an educational cafeteria and pastry shop – Il Buono di In-Presa - systematically conducted by students with constant support gods room teachers e of pastry chefs. The need to learn arises from doing, this is the formula. An idea born in 1995, transformed into a structured project in 2000, until the concretization in 2005, with the creation of a real professional training center.

In-Presa, a social cooperative made up of some founding members, working partners and other friends of Emilia Vergani, creator and founder native of Carate Brianza. The 30 October it is celebrated the twentieth anniversary of his tragic death, occurred in a road accident while traveling in Paraguay.

Tasty ', the educational restaurant of the Don Carlo Gnocchi Hotel Institute.

Cynthia, andSuch a beautiful school does not exist!” It ' so that Tiziana Villa – preside dthe institute hotelersthe Don Carlo Gnocchi from Carate Brianza - he made his debut during our meeting. An institute equal born in 2008 with the idea of ​​combining theoretical subjects with practical ones. Init was didacticto consolidated by solid cultural foundations, which aims to make people understand astudents how important it is use your head to doand go hands.  A study project who gave vita to "Saporinmente", educational restaurant attached to the school.

Here too you learn by doing, everyday, through critical experience. Two hundred and twenty students who with teaching and experience direct re-evaluate the importance of the room, because the room tells what which happens in the kitchen.

Experiences gained also thanks to thea collaborationand with a teachero di ccuts off which Claudio Sadler. An esempithe autenticor genius that he has permesso students to approachthe world of gastronomy, difficult mto exciting. A meeting that led to the creation of an evening and a menu elaborated with the students.

Here are the impressions of one of them: "Having met and recognized Claudio Sadler as a master was a gift for us and, at the same time, a challenge. Despite our doubts, the gratitude for having been able to get to know his genius closely and his example overcame the initial fear of not being up to, Thanks, above all, to his willingness to organize with us an evening that will see us as protagonists first of all as men, even before being a chef. By virtue of this real collaboration, we have in fact understood that, to give excellence to their guests or, as he would say, "Clients", an inestimable value must be recognized in scientific and humanistic preparation, to the mastery of the word, attention to detail e, finally, at the service, which must be flawless. "

During the visita in the school hall I was struck by the attention to the beauty of the arts, pictorial and more. Works widely exposed donated by artists, whose collaboration resulted in dinners topics open to the public. A way to combine and enhance art and personal creativity of students, expressed through their dishes.

A conclusione della mia visita, after talking for a long time with Tiziana, presides over it, I listened to some of his wishes for the future. The first, is that this hotel establishment become a model that can be replicated anywhere, to ensure that those with talent find a suitable place to learn and express themselves. The second one, is that this peer school, albeit providing scholarships, be more accessible to those with difficulties economic in to sustain thea retta. Finally, the third, it is aimed at local institutions, to strengthen the public transport network, facilitating students who they come from Milan.

Writing about school and teaching in the restaurant industry these days is not easy. I chose to do it because despite the difficult period, students of these schools continue to prepare for the future, expressing himself with the only means allowed at this moment: the food delivery. Supporting them means helping to support their hopes, and especially, this sector is so severely tested.


In-Presa Social Cooperative Society www.in-presa.it   Via Emilia Vergani, 14 – Carate Brianza (MB)        

Don C School Institute. Gnocchi www.liceodongnocchi.eu  Piazza Risorgimento, 1 – Carate Brianza (MB) 


Photo credit Istituto Don Carlo Gnocchi


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