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L'Osteria della Villetta, Step back in history

Written by CinziaTosini


I love the Historic Pubs, those in which, when entri, breaths history and tradition in the dishes you hear the territory. Well, in my laps when I meet a, make no mistake that I did not do away, or better, later I immerse myself in its atmosphere.

Osteria della Villetta - PalazzoloThe choose carefully, asking advice to people who encounter, after having known and made them understand that what I am looking for. Nothing sparks, I try oasis for those who love, over eating, places to live, products and people. Well, at the conclusion of my visit to the farm Court Fusia in Coccaglio, I was advised l 'Historical Osteria della Villetta in Palazzolo, Brescia. Good advice ... I'll tell you now that.

During my courses my traveling companion is often the navigator. The imposed, lui mi guida, and I lose myself in proxymy silence and in the many scenarios that gives us our bell'Italia (I am a woman silent, even if someone hardly believe).

From Coccaglio I reached in a short Palazzolo, a village in the province of Brescia slow pace ... those who love to follow as soon as the weather will allow me. After parking near the station, before entering, I stopped to look at the external facade: a typical-looking building of the inns of yore.

You should know that when I go into a place that I like and I'm curious, My eyes continue to orbit, but not only… I just can not stop to take! Usually, I apologize for wandering the halls, I explain that it is simply my way to acclimate, to understand and learn more about the people who live in the places I visit. Once satisfied, then, there is the next stage devoted to questions, to deepen what struck me. Mind you, one hundred Zitta, is a bad sign. 😉

I have to admit that at this Osteria I've done a lot of questions. Welcomed by Maurizio Rossi, l’oste, I visited corners of history by listening to his stories. From 1989 together with his wife Maria Grazia Omodeis, leads this reality born from a century-old family tradition, but not only, because here, exactly in one of the rooms in the annex at Osteria, was also born.


Maurizio Rossi, l’oste

Initially in youth, both have followed different paths from catering. He mechanical engineer, her teacher with experience in local politics by 1995 to the 1999, as President of the Provincial Council of Brescia. Then, as often happens, sources have called. Liberty style venue for years at the helm of this 'Inns of Italy's Slow Food', found with them the right continuity following a path of restoration that brings forth, with good products of the earth, food traditions Brescia.

I believe that now more than ever, is this the right way. Tradition, simplicity and good agricultural land. A winning mix never out of fashion for those sitting at the table looking for good food, and around him, conviviality and genuine people. When I went to see them I willingly accepted the proposal by Maria Grazia lunch with a soup made with homegrown produce. I love it, tiepido e estate of broth inverno, rich in vegetables, expression of the richness of our agriculture. Accompanied by a good extra virgin olive oil and some samples of Franciacorta DOCG, has made the park a hiker special and memorable ...!

I conclude with a quote that I read only later: “The prestigious British magazine Monocle Republic and cite the Osteria della Villetta as one of the ten best places in the world Charming.” What about? Perhaps that simplicity is the key to success, understood as a search for authenticity in the people and all nell'enogastronomia.

Osteria della Villetta – By Osti 1878 Your Marconi, 104 – Palazzolo Sull'Oglio (BS)



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