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Two 'women with the hat' ... at Pizzeria da Francesco and Salvatore Salvo!

Written by CinziaTosini

Where were we with the 'women with the hat'?! Ah si, Julia and I were left Nekorkina, after tour Amalfi Coast, we headed to Naples with Mount Vesuvius to the enchanted gaze directed…

One, because I had finally organized, with the help of his Justin Catalan, a meeting in San Giorgio a Cremano in the province of Naples, with Francesco e Salvatore Salvo, pizza for three generations.

Two women with hat, a Lombard-Venetian and Roman in Moscow, around Naples to give color to the city!

If I think of the expression of staff of the pizzeria on our arrival, still escapes me laugh! Who knows what he must have thought?! Friends, in all cases the amazement lasted own little, because, As you enter, have prevailed smiles and handshakes! 😉

I already knew Francesco and Salvatore Salvo thanks to some of our email exchanges, and, through the stories that Justin gave me them. I remember the words that I said the same morning I met them… “Cynthia, you'll see that two 'marcantoni' that you will be presented!"Rafts, I must admit I was right! 🙂

Due donne col cappello e... Salvatore and Francesco Salvo

Two women with hat and… Salvatore and Francesco Salvo

Seriously, I can say with certainty that after listening to them, after many smiles, after my little provocation for the sole purpose of making it, that the person, the real one, proves, I complimented the work they are doing.

While Julia deepened the techniques of dough with Salvatore, I, with one ear listening to their, with each other and chatted with Francis about their products, about their projects and what they are doing in the area. Obviously over which to listen, we also sacrificed to taste! Ahhh that sacrifices' life is, would my friend Martin!

In their speeches, I loved to hear words like simplicity, enthusiasm, pride, passion, respect for local culture and family tradition. But not only, because the thing that made me more pleasure, is discovering that their card Pizzas promote some of the small farms of which use the products. And I, when I hear about the promotion of agricultural holdings, mi illumino!

Another is that their collaboration with the chefs of various Italian regions, 'Interpreting' the pizza in a personal way, have given life to 'the starry pizzas'. I speak of that of Antonio's Restaurant Cannavacciuolo Villa Crespi, Nino Di Costanzo's Restaurant The Mosaic, Gennaro Esposito's Restaurant Torre del Saraceno, to which were added recently Chicco Ceredigion Restaurant Da Vittorio, Davide Oldani's Restaurant D’O, and Mauro Uliassi Restaurant Uliassi.

After having finally known, after watching them in the eye, now, I can now say, I saw in them the desire to do good ... the desire to do together. In questo momento così difficile per l’Italia le sinergie sono di fondamentale importanza.

In this story I could write dough and pizza, but I write from knowledge of Persons. Through my visits I can better understand their business and their products, write them, when they consider it appropriate, allows me to let her know.

Leaving that day, I said goodbye to the friends. I live so people, another would not make sense to me, soprattutto per l’amore che metto in quello che faccio.

I greeted them with these words: “Boys, been going great, you can very much for this territory, for its productions and its people. Feet firmly on the ground, always, do not listen to the bad winds, the important thing is that you go ahead on your way, consistently, according to your beliefs. Everything else, will be alone ...

This is the philosophy that I apply to my second life, a life with many emotions…



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