Vercesi Castellazzo ... diVino a dip in the history dell'Oltrepò Pavese!

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I am fond of history, lo so, I have said before ... Well, are also fond of historic homes, here and say,: "You've already said that too!"And I told you that I love swords? Rise, now I'm just looking, as I have said many times that too! Good, found that are repetitive when I like something (is the truth!), I only say that, knowing that in the farm Vercesi Castellazzo I found "story, an aristocratic residence 800, and even ancient swords ", chi mi fermava dall’andarci!

L 'Farm Vercesi Castellazzo is conducted by his friend Gian Maria Vercesi with his brother Mark in Montù Beccaria (PV). About 20 acres planted to Croatina, Barbera, Pinot Nero, Ughetta e Cabernet Sauvignon. Their history dates back to ancient. Gian Maria told me that his family has owned this land since 1600. However, it was the father in 1961 to give impetus to the company making wine grapes grown until then only.

Gian Maria met at a wine tasting evening I organized about a year ago in Oltrepò OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbunting, beautiful land, I was beginning to discover. Why ask me to organize an evening in an area I did not know? Friends, during my "tour vinous", as I call them, I often mistreat, or better, I often heard some people critical of the sector towards their wines, and especially to the lack of cohesion of the producers in the promotion. In a way we can not say that things are not exactly, but maybe something is changing. As I often say, go it alone leads nowhere. Fare “system”, this is the right key to open the door leading to the actual promotion of a territory.

Organize that evening cost me no little energy, especially the mistrust that I found myself face… For weeks I went up and down from Milan to Pavia to talk with producers, to make them understand that my intent was sincere. Led by dear Mario Maffi and supported by the farm Doria Montalto who welcomed us, the evening finally took place. But we think, "Canteen dell'Oltrepò, i Doria Montalto, that promoted other local wineries ". When I told this to my project gave me many dell'illusa dreamer! They told me: "Imagine if a producer welcomes to his house the other producers in such a difficult time!" Good, I we are successful, maybe because I have a hard head of Mantua, or perhaps simply because he who takes the win! I just know that in the Land of OltrepÃ, this thing happened…

And now I can just, I go back to these hills to chat with them, with friends winemakers known as ...

  • Gian Maria, tell me what the transmitter “I think your”, in your wine ?

I try to convey the strength of the terroir while avoiding heavy-handed intervention in the cellar, sull’uva, on musts, and on the wines that derive. I try to touch them as little as possible just to keep all their assets arising from the land they live on.

  • It is not an easy time for any Italian manufacturing sector. As an expert of the area which you, can you tell me how you're living in viticulture Oltrepà Pavese? But above all, what are the major current difficulties of you growers?

The difficulties are always those of, unfortunately. Poor relationship between colleagues, but, above all, the amount of quality wine that disappears in relation to the other wine, what fake, mystified, raped to make money from a product that fills the shelves of supermarkets and talking to the market that kind of quality. From here originates the saying that the wine is mediocre dell'Oltrepò Pavese. Another problem is that "there is never time" and very, touches delegate it to others ...

  • As a producer you have tips or suggestions to give reporters and bloggers on the world of wine communication?

Just a tip: not stop at appearances (dell'Oltrepò), deepen without being influenced by fashion. Search, discover ...

  • To make it clear to anyone who reads as I have known, I telling the tasting evening I organized a year ago now. I mentioned some words such as "distrust"Or as"a system”. The desire for change is strong in many. Proof of this is the free association of producers "inotre" of which you are a member and promoter. I want to talk?

Also was born in 2002, starting with the idea of ​​participating at Vinitaly with a large group that is resting not on the usual collective institutional.

We are about ten manufacturers with a dual purpose: "First, participate in trade shows and events to raise awareness of a large number of quality labels, and economies of scale. Second, to degustarci, taste and other.

We've had ups and downs often related to the time available. Now, however, we're sharing with events and tastings. We have one in the works of a great past year interpreted by us ten, and another a bit 'more complicated, which is still in embryo.

In Pavia our wines are sold exclusively in the Village, in a wine bar called also, and in the bar area VEGA Stradella. We also provide wine dell'Oltrepò, Also a gourmet shop showcase of small productions of the territory, il GOODURIA, in the central Piazza Duomo di Voghera. To be clear, Also 80%, rest d'Italia 20%.

We believe in spreading our brand within the province, and this is something much more feasible when working as a team ...



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