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Piero Bertinotti, a man who does not have the 'star', because he stars, the real ones, ce le ha già.

Written by CinziaTosini

The first time I saw Piero Bertinotti it was like seeing an old trunk of olive. You know the olive trees, those marked by many grooves that draw the eye to the pride and peace that transmit? Well, I do not know words to explain better, I know that the feeling I had was this, but not only… looking Piero, that evening, I saw him in the face of my father.

I think it's been over a year since that time, whatever was left in me like a tightrope, call it pure sensations, but I had to go back to find the man with whom I felt the need to speak. Life d'istinto, convinced that in good times and bad everything makes sense.

Piero Bertinotti, with her daughter Paola and daughter Laura, leads to Borgomanero in the province of Novara, the 'Pinocchio Restaurant‘. A local in 2012 celebrated fifty years of work created with his wife Luisa. A realtà, as often happens, born from a passion.

Piero was born chef, began his working life as a truck driver in his father's. Fu nel November '62, with the purchase of the parents of 'Pinocchio Bar' in Borgomanero, to bring it closer to the kitchen. The time, experience and enthusiasm then did the rest.

There are things that you can not do without. You can not always choose what we want, but above all we love to do. They say they want is power, I only say that those who do not test has already lost. Piero has done. In his local fairytale you can escape from reality for a moment. Although it does not have the 'star', I am personally convinced that the real stars, ha ce compatible with Gia.

When I came back to find it, waiting for him while he was still in the kitchen, I sat in exactly the same place I had occupied the first time I had been there. In front of the large window, looking at the garden wet with rain, between a speech and the other with Laura and Paula ran the thoughts interrupted occasionally by the dishes that tasted.

Nostalgic atmosphere and pleasant music suddenly drew my attention to a man who looked like me in the room admiring a plant mimosa. I have no fear of saying what I feel. It’ why not spontaneously I restrained myself from saying… “But how beautiful life…” He looked at me, and sharing the same thought me smile.

Once finished lunch I moved into the living room by the fireplace. Looking burn the wood was reflecting on the 'heat' that transmits the fire, in the broadest sense of the term. Once there was a fireplace in every home, was to the nest, the meeting point of the family. I really miss those days ...

While I waited for Peter to reach me, on a small table I noticed the calendar of historic cars of 'Association Les Miserables Borgomanero. A passion that unites us and that we grow both as soon as the weather permits it.

Upon his arrival, After the customary greetings, I think he expected the usual questions. I do not do interviews with real, or better, we say that what interests me is to understand people when they feel that their existence can send me something. It 'sa way I learn by listening to the experience of those who, Piero, familiar with an industry that I love but by the many facets.

We spent the afternoon so, anecdotes, advice and stories of life. I'll tell one that struck me in particular. One evening a few years ago Piero received a call for a last minute booking. The lady on the phone asked if he could have dinner together with another person to 21.30 justifying the delay for a return from abroad. Piero despite the time agreed, commending, however, do not delay.

From there a short lady called warning that unfortunately would have been late an hour for reasons not related to their. Piero heard the tone mortified accepted, provided that the two people were content to simple dishes. The couple arrived: it was Oscar Farinetti and his assistant, of which Piero was not aware, but who knew. In an age where most go on with names altosonanti, listen to this story made me very happy. The rest I leave to you.

At the end of our chat, when I asked him if he had someone in the years to inspire, did not hesitate a moment to answer. I spoke of a 'Cook with a capital C’ which he considers the best. A man who loves to be in the spotlight, some consider to be a free spirit insane.

La follia, the real one, we see it every day in people who apparently seem normal. What I mean is quite another thing, is synonymous with genius that changes the world through ideas. I love challenges and people of character, sometimes rough, but that leave a mark. Of course, I got to give the name of the Chef who keep to myself for now. First I have to know.

About, I did not say that the first time I was by Piero I ate snails more good in my life! I advise… 😉

Piero e Paola

Peter and Paola Bertinotti with the book 'Family Secrets': home recipes handed down from generation to generation among the friends gathered. (photography by Paola Bertinotti)



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